Terms and conditions

  • Private transfer and bus shuttle services can be booked online at latest 12:00am the day before your transfer.
  • Request for transfers or shuttle after this time, has to be done with a written request by email to the Customer Service: info@fiemmefassaexpress.com. The request is subjected to availability and timing issues.
  • At the time of booking a transportation service, check carefully if every data, time, etc. is right in your order. If you notice that your reservation has some mistake, you need to get in touch with the Customer Service by email to: info@fiemmefassaexpress.com. The request for changes need to be done within 48 hours upon receiving the confirmation.
  • FiemmeFassaExpress is not responsible for errors or any consequences arising from customers and typing mistakes during the reservation procedure.
  • Confirmations has to be kept and handed over to the Driver at the arrivals area in the airport or railway station before the transportations service.
  • By email customers are going to receive the invoice for the transportation service. Invoice can be used by customers as voucher.
  • Departure time from airports and railway stations can be delayed for maximum sixty minutes (60 min) in order to wait customers which flight or train is not in time.
  • After a waiting time of 60 minutes, the transfer will leave with the customers the are ready at the scheduled time. Departing passengers must be at the pick-up point at least 15 minutes before the pick-up time written on the voucher. Customers cannot request a refund if their arrival time exceed the fixed waiting time or for any cause they are not be able to use the transportation service.
  • FiemmeFassaExpress is not responsible for longer delays, caused by weather conditions and/or heavy traffic. The arrival times are only indicative.
  • One piece of hand luggage and one piece of luggage to be stored in the luggage compartment are free of charge for each paying customer. For extra luggage, reservation is mandatory and NO extra fee is going to be applies, regardless of weight and size. Skies are included as well but has to be noted during the reservation procedure. It is the customers responsibility to check their luggage during travel.
  • In order to avoid mix up or lost luggage when reaching destination, a label with first name, last name, address and telephone number must be attached to each piece of luggage in a recognizable way.
  • Cancellation: customers are entitled to a refund only if they cancel their transfer by email at least a week (7 days) prior to the departure day. After this time (7 days) it will not be possible to get a refund. No partial refund will be made for return tickets.
  • No show:in case of no show customer (without delay) for the outward journey, we automatically cancel the return ticket.
  • It is forbidden to take on the bus any kind of beverage (alcoholic or not) during the transfer without the permission of the driver. The infringement of this rule will result in an immediate removal of the passenger from the vehicle and the interruption of the transfer service.Qualora durante il viaggio l'autista o il personale addetto riscontri da parte di alcuni utenti comportamenti offensivi, e/o lesivi nei confronti sia del personale che degli altri passeggeri, e non si riesca a garantire la dovuta sicurezza a bordo, tali persone saranno appena possibile allontanate in sicurezza senza diritto ad alcun rimborso.
  • At the sole discretion of the driver and/or other workers on duty: passengers who are disruptive, offensive and/or harmful towards either personnel or other passengers will not be allowed on board and no refund will be given.

behavior's rules

It is strictly prohibited for customers:
a) smoking (Law n. 584/75) and the consumption of alcohol or other hazardous substances is strictly prohibited;
b) stand-up and walk in the vehicle while it is moving, disturbing other customers;
c) sales and distribution of goods and advertising without the permissions of the company;
d) causing damage, soiling or loss to the vehicles, facilities and signs, etc;
e) activities that may disrupt the vehicles operations such as throwing objects onto the vehicles parking area, etc;
f) eating and drinking in the vehicle;
g) activation of the emergency signal and doors without any reason;

Please respect and show courtesy to your fellow riders and GRT bus operators. Customers engaging in rowdy or disruptive behaviour may be asked to leave the bus. Any person found willfully damaging or vandalizing FiemmeFassaExpress property could be subject to full prosecution.

Customers are kindly requested to remain seated during the ride and wear the seatbelt. In case of accident the company is not responsible for people that is not respecting the rules and advertising.

Feet on Seats

Please be courteous of fellow passengers and keep your feet off of seats. This will ensure the seats remain clean, last longer and are available for other customers to use.

Music and Videos

Listening to a music device or watching videos with headphones is permitted as long as the volume of the device is at an acceptable level and does not disturb other passengers or the operator.

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